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I am a dynamic HR expert with strong implementation skills and management experience in national and international large and small companies, as well as start-ups.

My strengths are: interdisciplinary, structured thinking; flexible and viable solutions; cooperative collaboration; the ability to keep a cool head in hectic situations; and an overall positive attitude. I am experienced in performance management, employee and management development, talent acquisition, development of HR concepts, introduction of HR systems and (digital) change processes. German and English are my native languages, French I speak at a good level.

I am committed to supporting companies in the implementation of their HR strategy, as I am convinced that fair and mutually respectful collaboration increases employee satisfaction, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity. A win-win situation!

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Scarlin

My services


As a provider of ad interim HR Management, I support you and your management for a limited period of time so that your HR tasks can be continued professionally despite personnel bottlenecks. I also offer the management of HR projects and the accompaniment of challenging company situations.

My services are:

Management of your HR team

Support in intensive recruitment phases
(planning, recruitment, onboarding etc.)

Modernisation of HR structures and processes

Implementation of HR core processes
(e.g. annual employee appraisal)

Accompaniment of changes within the
organisation (e.g. during restructuring)

HR project management in such areas as:
performance management, employee and management development, introduction of HR systems, revision of employment conditions, establishment of international locations



Joanna hat uns als HR-Projektleiterin bei der HR-Transformation von verschiedenen Organisationen zu einer einheitlichen Firma unterstützt, dies vor allem in den Themen HR-Systeme und bei der Einführung eines neuen Vergütungsmodells. Dank ihres umfangreichen und relevanten HR-Fachwissens sowie ihrer strukturierten, engagierten und pragmatischen Arbeitsweise hat sie unser dynamisches Unternehmen äusserst effizient und zielgerichtet unterstützt. Es hat mich beeindruckt, wie sie in ihren kritischen Themengebieten den Lead übernommen hat und die Transformation vorangetrieben hat. Sie setzte mit ihrer optimistischen und offenen Art konkrete Lösungen zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung unserer Firmenstrategie um. Sie wirkt auf mich authentisch und sehr professionell und ich habe die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr sehr geschätzt. Ich kann sie für HR-Transformationsprojekte sehr empfehlen.

Christophe Macharel

CEO Aveniq


Ich habe 2020/2021 Joanna explizit für herausfordernde Projekte bei Avectris angefragt. Ohne grosse Einführung übernahm sie als Senior HR Project Manager ad interim erfolgreich die Verantwortung oder Teilverantwortung von verschiedenen HR-Projekten (HR-intern, Post-Merger-Integration) und war eine wertvolle Unterstützung für unser HR Team. Ihre Stärken als erfahrene Projektleiterin, ihre breite HR-Expertise und ihre positive Can-Do-Mentalität halfen uns durch intensive Zeiten. Darüber hinaus war Joanna in der Lage, sehr schnell vertrauenswürdige Beziehungen zu Beteiligten aufzubauen. Ihr breites und tiefes HR Fachwissen und ihre Projektmanagement Skills wurden innerhalb vom Team sehr geschätzt. Aufgrund ihrer umsetzungsstarken Leistung und der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit haben wir ihr Mandat mehrfach verlängert. Es macht Spass mit Joanna zu arbeiten und ich freue mich auf die Fortsetzung. Ich kann Joanna für anspruchsvolle HR-Projekte in einem dynamischen Umfeld jederzeit empfehlen.

Tanja Santner-Steinerbrunner

Head of Human Resources Aveniq Gruppe


Joanna is extremely quick in familiarizing herself with a new complex situation she enters into, a great support in ensuring operations run smoothly and a fast driver in stepping up key initiatives and policies. On top of her professional skills, she builds relationships fast and engages team members and stakeholders with her positive peronal approach. I can highly recommend her for interim management support in human resources.

Dr. Dominik Rubli


Joanna stepped into the interim role of HR Manager Switzerland for Leica for 7 months in 2019. Thanks to her long-standing experience, she was able to quickly take over the HR management role in Switzerland, working closely with our headquarters in Germany. She understood fast our global organization and could establish good relationships with key stakeholders. In addition to keeping the daily HR tasks up-and-running, she supported our yearly performance management and talent reviews as well as the compensation process.

Dr. Maxim Mamin

Vice President Medical Division (Surgical Microscopes) at Leica Microsystems


I had the pleasure of working closely with Joanna during her time with The Adecco Group. During this period I found Joanna to be someone who was always professional in her approach, yet also warm and approachable. She was reliable, took pride in her work, was conscientious and very committed. At The Adecco Group we talk about "working hands" and "warm heart" and Joanna excels in this areas. It was a lot of fun working with Joanna, she has a great sense of humour and open manner which endeared her to colleagues and business partners.

Victoria Bethlehem

Head of Human Resources, Asia Pacific, The Adecco Group


We worked with Joanna in an interim assignment as Head of HR at our headquarters and our subsidiaries in Germany, USA and China for 3 months. She grasped the issues very fast, developed pragmatic and high quality solutions to each of them, to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. She could develop the relevant relationships within the company to optimally perform her duties. She is swift, solution oriented, professional and fun to work with. I can recommend Joanna for such assignments and positions without any hesitations and restrictions.

Alparslan Kutukcuoglu



I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Joanna for two years at coresystems. Her strong commitment and structured approach as well as her vast experience have moved HR in our company to a new level of proficiency. Joanna's excellent communication skills, her outgoing personality and her pragmatic way of addressing problems make her the best HR executive I could have wished for to work with even in demanding and challenging circumstances.

Sandro Toneatto

CTO, jobcloud


Working with Joanna was a great experience. She is a talented and passionate team player and always puts a lot of energy in her tasks. Joanna's contribution in the build-up of the Avaloq office in Edinburgh was huge. We had to recruit massively and with her we created new recruiting and training processes. Thanks to Joanna and her commitment the Avaloq office was born and in the beginning of 2012 we could open the doors to 30 new employees.

Marta Raus

Head Enterprise Architect Finance & Risk, Swiss Re


Joanna did a fantastic job in structuring all relevant HR topics for the Development Centre Edinburgh, setting up recruiting process and helping the team to execute and successfully grow.The passion and commitment as well as the clarity, focus and prioritization she brought in were striving. With her contribution she laid the foundation for our successful recruiting of a superb team.

Simon Kauth

Chief Product Officer, finnova AG Bankware


Joanna is an international HR professional with broad experience ranging from strategic HR as a business partner in large companies to recruiting in fast growing startups. Even under heavy workloads and pressure she stays on top of things, is always efficient, and makes strong contributions with great energy and drive.

Ivo Ruckstuhl

Head of Digital Consulting, Zühlke


I had the pleasure of working with Joanna when she was responsible for the development and implementation of our HR strategy and for all HR-related topics in our worldwide locations. I particularly appreciated the successful introduction of a Performance Management system, a competitive C&B model and modern payroll and recruiting systems. Joanna is a pragmatic and effective senior manager with a professional, flexible work style and she demonstrates above-average committment. She is motivating and an open and appreciative communicator; I very much enjoyed our fruitful discussions. Even in tough situations Joanna keeps her calm and sense of humor. I trusted Joanna in all matters and highly recommend her for any position where a dynamic, resourceful and team-oriented Head of HR is needed.

Manuel Grenacher

CEO, coresystems


Joanna Scarlin hat als Projektverantwortliche einerseits massgeblich zur Erarbeitung eines neuen Bonusmodells für die Vertriebsmitarbeitenden beigetragen und hat andererseits die Einführung eines PeopleSoft basierten ePerformance Moduls vorangetrieben. Für die Geschäftsleitung hat Frau Scarlin zudem einen Vorschlag bzgl. Einführung von Excellence Awards erarbeitet. Sie war eine sehr engagierte, dynamische und kompetente Kollegin. Aufgrund ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung und vielfältigen Kompetenzen im Bereich Human Resources war sie für The Adecco Group Switzerland eine wertvolle Unterstützung. Ich habe die Zusammenarbeit und den regen Austausch mit ihr auch persönlich geschätzt und kann sie bestens weiterempfehlen.

Félix Ullmann

Senior HR Project & Process Manager, Adecco Germany


Joanna joined us in a very busy and challenging phase of the project. She quickly familiarized herself with the tasks and responsibilities of her role and established herself as part of the team. Joanna is a an experienced HR professional and Project Manager, ready to adapt to change. I got to know her as a very open, positive and reliable person and am looking forward to working with her again.

Anne Schmid

Projektmanagerin HR&Organisationsentwicklung bei Sanitas Krankenversicherung


Joanna hat uns als Senior HR Business Partner während eines Personalengpasses aktiv und engagiert unterstützt. Sie unterstützte zwei Mitglieder der Unternehmensleitung und wirkte an einigen wichtigen HR Projekten mit. Sie hat sich schnell und effizient in die Themen eingearbeitet und sehr gute und pragmatische Lösungen umgesetzt. Besonders haben wir ihre hohe Flexibilität und ihren Einsatzwillen geschätzt. Dank ihrer offenen, professionellen und herzlichen Art hat Joanna das Vertrauen ihrer Stakeholder schnell gewonnen. Joanna war eine grosse Unterstützung für uns und ich kann sie jeder Firma für ein ad interim HR Mandat empfehlen.

Daniel Schweizer

Leiter HR Business Partner, Tamedia AG


Joanna had the key challenge to ramp up an international recruiting and human resource process abroad. Her experience and her leadership made her the first choice to be appointed to complete this engagement. Her drive, her team spirit and her creativity were as important for her success and to contribute to build the shape of Avaloq’s first development centre abroad.This assignment has been a great success and also a lot of fun.

Mathieu Juppin de Fondaumière

Head of Project Management, Avaloq


Während ihres Einsatzes bei uns lernten wir Joanna als dynamische , engagierte und äusserst initiative und selbständige Mitarbeiterin kennen, die sich überdurchschnittlich für unsere HR-Themen einsetzte. Sie verfügt aufgrund ihrer langjährigen Berufserfahrung über ein hervorragendes Fachwissen, welches sie pragmatisch und lösungsorientiert in unser komplexes, anspruchsvolles Umfeld einbrachte. Ich war beeindruckt, wie selbständig Joanna die anfallenden Herausforderungen ohne große Vorlaufzeit meisterte. Ich konnte mich völlig auf sie verlassen. Sie übernahm die anfallenden HR-Themen, unterstütze die jährlichen Management-Arbeiten und optimierte die bestehenden Prozesse. Gleichzeitig baute sie das HR-Team auf und unterstützte die Rekrutierungen.

Tina Geduldig

HR Director & Global HR Business Partner at Leica Microsystems (a Danaher Company)


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